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Aug 22, 2015
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I am new to the forum, but not so new to photography. I have been an avid amateur shooter since my Dad put my first Polaroid in my hands when I was 8. I used to watch him develop his film in a makeshift darkroom in our military housing, and I fell in love with the smell, textures and sights of photography.

Fast forward 35 years (yup 43 year old starting another career), 2 careers (IBM & Elementary School Teacher), 3 kids (Miracle of Adoption), and an amazing hubby (21 years and counting) later and I still have that passion to capture my perspective of the world. My favorite subject matters comes from God's blessings....(i.e. skylines, insects, floral, animals, especially kids!) My husband and I were blessed with the ability to adopt three amazing babies (yes at the same time, no I am not crazy....yet!) and these amazing children are a primary source of photographic inspiration.

I am looking into going back to college to pursue a degree or certificate in photography, and I would love some feedback on my work. I hope to start classes in January, so any feedback in preparation is much appreciated.

My Avatar is a dandelion for a very special is the official flower of the Military Brat. And it stands for the fact that where ever we land we continue to grow strong.

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