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Dec 16, 2020
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Greetings Photo Forum community!
My name is Kent and I'm pretty new to photography. I took a digital photo course back when I started my undergraduate schooling in 2010 and have not done much since.

My Mother has always been the family picture taker and has been using the same Nikon DSLR for at least the past 10+ years. This christmas I'm giving her a new Nikon Z6 II, so I figured I'd join this forum so I can help her get up to speed with the new camera. I'll be asking alot of tech questions as I am also facilitating an additional gift of a new desktop computer for her to use with the new camera. I look forward to learning as much as I can in this endevor! Thanks!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome! You might suggest to your mother that she get her own logon here.
Welcome aboard Kent. Have your mom join too as we all learn together.
I new too. I have been taking pictures for a long time but since retired, I'm going to take it seriously.
Welcome to TPF! I hope your mom enjoys the new camera! That's a very thoughtful gift.

If she has a comfort level being online, we will welcome her with open arms, too! But it's fine if you need to ask questions on her behalf. :)

Eventually, she might enjoy posting some of her pictures here on our Photo Galleries.

Have fun!
Welcome to the forum. You must love your mom very much for that kind of a Christmas gift. From everything I read, the Z6II is an excellent camera and I hope you both enjoy.

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