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Apr 3, 2006
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hey guys, yer im a new member here so here are some pics of mine:





p.s i dont even know if i did this right, if i didnt can someone pm me and tell me how to do it right?

thanks guys, and i dont know if this is important but im 15 so please, dont hold back

**edit** phew! 4 times and i finally got it
Welcome to TPF :D
I see the photos fine. Good job. My fav of the series is the last one. I like the expression you caught :thumbup:
Kewl shots. Welcome to the forum too.
Really dig the last shot.
Welcome. Where are u from? These look like they were taken at a skate park of some kind. Here in Texas the kids can't get into the skateparks without helments or pads. good shots.
im from mudgee, new south wales, australia and thanks for the feedback, im trying to get as much pratice as i can, so hopefully ill have a few more pics soon
is there any selection i need to select to get email notification of a reply?
very cool shots... love the stop action you caught..and the expressions..

your colors are right on too....

welcome to tpf......
Great shots - you've obviously got a good eye for photography, there's some very good use of light and colour there. Skateboarding is tough to shoot, because no matter how good your photography is, you've gotta react very fast.

Welcome to TPF!


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