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new moniter help


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Jul 10, 2008
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im looking for a new monitor, i dont really have any criteria besides i want it to be large and not very expensive. i need it to be accurate and thats about all. any reccomendations on what i should be looking for?
Large and accurate, but not very expensive?

That's like saying You want a low light telephoto lens, but not want to spend more then $200
not really. i was just looking at some and i found a few 22-23 inchers around 300 bucks. im just curious as to what brands and certain aspects people on here look for in a monitor.
For color accuracy, Lacie's are generally the industry standard. Just look at how much they are at B&H.
thanks for some input instead of criticism.
to rephrase my question, what should i look for in a new monitor?
thank you very much.
Lacie is like totally out of his range. A mere 20" Lacie (the cheapest I could find) was like $800US!

I like photography... but not enough to spend $5,000.00 on a Lacie monitor... lol
Jerry, i see that you are very knowledgeable, do you have an recommendations, what are you using?
I have an Acer x223w and it's great. The colors are awsome and has a high resolution. It's 22". I got it for $218 but I think my boss made a mistake and sold it to me for too little lol. When I got it I googled it and the cheapest one I found was about $300.

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