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new nikon d7200 pics


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Jun 13, 2015
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Merry Christmas to you all.

Just a few pics taken on my new nikon d7200. Its the first nikon dslr i've owned after 20 years of canon.
Some more....if anyone gives a s##t.
I'm in love! (Again)
Gorgeous model.
#1 almost looks slightly over processed but I'm not going to say it is because she might just have great skin and a really good MUA.
#2 I think you blew the highlights on her face just a little too much... 'though I suspect that was intentional I still (for me) think it's a little overdone. But the photo has merit and the blown highlights could just be the angle of my screen as I'm not at my usual workstation. I do like the contrast of her dark but colourful bra against her general lightness.
#3 I find the pose a little awkward but at the same time the expression on her face seems to make it work.
Good work.

I'm a Nikon man but I'm surprised that you'd switch after 20 years of Canon. What about all those Canon lenses you must have acquired over the years?
I agree with Granddad. And this is a very nice set! :)

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