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Jun 18, 2013
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So, my well meaning husband ordered a new PC for me. He did a few things right but I'm not sure about everything. He bought an Alienware through Dell. He got an i7 processor, 16gb RAM, and an Ultrasharp Dell IPS display. So all that sounds great but I've heard some disappointing reviews on Alienware. Can someone comment on Alienware

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I would be delighted. So if it gives you problems it's on him. Win, win.
Smile and say, "Oh thank you so much honey! I love it!" Then later, if it gives you problems, kill him in his sleep. :mrgreen:
Smile and say, "Oh thank you so much honey! I love it!" Then later, if it gives you problems, tell him HIS computer is f**ked up and buy what you want. : P
Smile and say, "Oh thank you so much honey! I love it!" Then later, if it gives you problems, tell him HIS computer is f**ked up and buy what you want. : P

texkam is soooo much kinder and more-diplomatic than I!
Most of the complaints against Alienware come from the same sort of people who will complain about any pre-built computer since they are the sort who will build, spec and custom their computer all themselves from parts (chances are they are also likely to want to use Linux too for similar reasons).

Pre-built can be a bit more expensive than hunting around for the parts and building the computer yourself; but Alienware itself is a solid brand name and should be perfectly fine without any problems at all.
Its all good.
I have a prebuilt computer from Walmart with 6 gigs DDR 3 ram that runs PS CS5 and LR4 just fine. It has no trouble dealing with 40 MB raw files.

While the file sizes HAVE gotten a bit bigger, dont buy into all the latest tech hype. Its nice to have, but not entirely necessary.

All this same photography stuff was done before quad core processing, DDR memory, or even LCD monitors.
Your computer is more than enough to do whatever you need.

I have several friends using alien ware and they all love them.
Speaking strictly as a layman, I would be thrilled with that computer! That i7 is no doubt a quad-core, 16gb ram is more than my 12, my Dell 24" monitor has a beautiful display, and I think Alienware is about top of the line for gamers. Enjoy!
I don't have that computer. I have a HP with 8gb RaM, and it works great. I use the PS cloud and Raw photos. I do have the Dell Monitor you have and love it. Give it a chance.
I would be thrilled.
Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty stoked by the thoughtfulness of him and the time he took to make sure it had all the top specs for running creative cloud apps. I just got kinda scared reading all these tech reviews that have some hard critique. I do have to say though that as someone else mentioned, the criticism came mostly from those who can build a pc... which I can't and don't want to. Thanks everyone for your input... I can rest easy now and enjoy my new PC when it gets here!!!!
You should cook your husband a nice meal with DESSERT. He just got you a nice setup and didn't even skimp on the IPS panel.

Alienware =owned by Dell and backed with a warranty. Rejoice and be happy
The primary "issue" with them is that they cost a lot compared to piecing one together yourself, and some of the parts will likely be less then reputable. Most the "important" bits are name brand, but things like the power supply and motherboard (which most people tend not to care about) are often not of the best quality. Besides that, they make fine computers.

I used to do a lot of PC gaming and have built a number of PCs. The only reason I don't do Alienware is because I can usually build my own with the same specs for close to half the price. If you can't (or won't) build, then those prices are par for the course from any high end builder.

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