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After much research if I like the N6006 and the Nikon system I will get the F100. The 90 is cheaper but from what I can tell the F100 will handle all Nikkor lenses where the 90 can’t fully use the ”G” series lenses.
All the lenses say on them is Nikkor AF the focal length and aperture range,
Sounds like they are all variable-aperture lenses with no built-in focus motor. The constant-aperture AF Zoom Nikkor 35~70 f/2.8`(D or non-D version) was one of Nikon's best in that class.
RAZKY I just looked closer at the 35-80 and it is a D lens no serial number. For some reason they shipped in different packages and I will be getting the others on Monday.
The serial number may be on the barrel near the mount. You may need to shine a pen light at an oblique angle to discern it, but it is bound to be on the barrel somewhere. I'm sure you know that the "D" designation means nothing as to how a lens focuses.
I do. From what I can tell the D series have aperture rings and the G series do not.
I do. From what I can tell the D series have aperture rings and the G series do not.
You're right that no Nikkor with a "G" designation has an aperture ring. However, every autofocus Nikkor since 1992 has a D chip, thus is a "D" lens, whether or not it is indicated in the lens's nomenclature, so may or may not have an aperture ring. In other words, forget about the "D" - it's only use is to "improve" (subjective) exposure with matrix metering (ambient or flash) with the N90 or later cameras. It is pretty well explained in the original Nikon Compendium.
I wish that page had film cameras listed on it. Or if it does I wish I could find them.
Also started shooting with the N6006 and like it so far. The grip is a little big for my tastes but not a deal breaker. Can’t wait to finish the roll and see how it comes out.
Got a nice surprise today. My mother came over and gave me a Ricoh XR-P with a 50mm F2 a 28mm F2.8 and an Access brand 75-200 F4. An off brand 2X teleconverter some filters and 23 rolls of film, mostly Kodak High Def 400, of unknown age. It is a MF camera. Guess I will be on the look out for Ricoh glass. I know Pentax glass will fit but from some of the things I have read the stop down features won't work with the Pentax glass.
Check the Photography in Malaysia site Vink lists above. Encyclopedic.
Ok found it and wish I had that gold FA model. That looks cool
My AF SLR's are all Minoltas, except for my Pentax PZ-1P. Like my a-9 and Dynax7, the 1P offers numerous progamable modes, plus an easy-to-use automatic one. Best used with "A" lenses to get all the exposure modes. Heavy(650grams) and well built(for a plastic type), I've stayed with it rather than going to the relatively fragile MZ-S. No optional battery grip, but the batteries seem to last forever, unless you use the 0n-board flash a lot for fill in.
Just ordered a Pentax PZ-1P. Weird looking camera but has awesome reviews. Opinions of it please, good and bad.
Well got a couple rolls back from the Nikon N6006. Impressed. The camera did well. Here are a couple shots with it. Untouched scans on Fuji Superia Xtra 400
I've still got an F-601, although I haven't used it in a while, I've got some really nice photos from it, I looked and tried some of the later Nikon bodies, F50,F60 and F80, I ended buying the F-80 in 2000, but I still preferred and used my 601.
Just ordered a Pentax PZ-1P. Weird looking camera but has awesome reviews. Opinions of it please, good and bad.
Most, if not all, of those early "Z" Pentax's film advance motors had spindly plastic gears and often failed fairly early - uneven film spacing was common. If yours does have plastic gears, hopefully it hasn't had a lot of use, and you have a good return policy. It's pretty easy to remove the baseplate to check the gears, though I doubt that repair would be practical. Let us know how you get on with it when it arrives. Some of them may actually be of decent quality, but I don't know which ones. Good luck!
I decided 10+ years ago that 35mm cameras below the top shelf models were basically disposable as repair resources thinned. I tried to get low-rollage examples whenever possible and usually bought two of favorites. Friends buying film SLRs now usually get bodies with considerable wear. Undisclosed "issues" are common on many of their online auction camera buys.
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