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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by eye-capture, Sep 24, 2006.

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    So far, everything I have had been passed down to me. Anywhoo, what do I need to know about buying new lenses?

    I'm pretty sure "IS" stands for Image Stabilzers
    But what about that USM stuff?

    Can someone explain to me what I am looking for and what I shuold be aiming at?

    Edit (thanks to usayit):

    My budget is very low, I'm down for about 200-300 per lens right now. I'm shooting with a Pentax IST DL which requires a K-Mount lens. I was thinking of the Sigma 24-124, not quite sure the specifics on it, but some people weren't a big fan ofr that lens.

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    USM... UltraSonic Motor

    Faster, quieter, and more accurate motor used to focus the lens elements pioneered by Canon. This link should help with the various technologies Canon offers:

    First... people here will need more specifics on your question. Budget, what do you need (shoot), camera mount ( canon I'm assuming) etc...

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