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    Hi All

    Im Mike 23 from the UK.

    Ive just started to get into Urban photography but would like to start getting some faces within the shots.

    I have a few pictures of myself below that I would like people to play with if they have time to get the best out of them!

    If you do this could you please explain to me what you have done after so I know for future ref'

    I am still learning how to use my camera but would like to learn more about the skills used afterwards as well to help get a better finish.

    So if people wouldnt mind having a go prehaps even creating a border on them that would be great.

    I really like this sort of finish:


    Hope to speak to you all soon and i hope to share and learn many things from the forum.

    Happy christmas to everyone as well.

    Many thanks

    Pictures that i would like people to edit and explain what they have done:


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