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What is your favorite place to take pictures?

  • Park

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  • Sporting event

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  • At home

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  • Other, state in a post.

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Mitch D90

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Apr 5, 2009
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Hi photo forum,

I'm somewhat new to photography, I mean, I know how to handle an SLR, but I only took quick pictures, of family or events, not for a hobby. I have just recently purchased an Nikon D90 and LOVE it. I upgraded from a Canon EOS Xi and think this is a much better camera. I also love that it takes HD video, the video is not great, but I got it for photography, not video. I hope to be posting some pictures shortly.

Hiya Mitch, and welcome to TPF. Good to hear you're enjoying the new cam so much.

(I take pics all over, so couldn't really answer your poll)

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