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Hey guys, it's been awhile since i've posted, been pretty busy lately.

Alright so i was thinking of offering senior sessions to my little brothers friends who are all graduating this year. Now i've seen them done, however, I am not too sure what a senior session typically consists of :thumbdown:
Correct me if i'm wrong but I think that a senior session would consist of the following photos:
A) formal clothing
B) dress down (everyday clothing)
C) sport or curricular activity objects such as intruments

Those are just my thoughts. Feedback would be appreciated.
Missed you guys.
First thing you need is ask for the list of rules from the school. They have different rules for each school. Obviously it is ok to take shots that dont follow the rules, but you need to make sure you have enough to select that follow the rules.
Alright, would I still need to do that if I approach each of the students individually by advertisement and publicity through my younger brother? Or would I still have to get the rules down before I do ANYTHING?
when you book them, ask them to email you the rules from the school.
Wow, I thought you sold all your gear and got out of the whole photography thing.

Welcome back, Bram Stoker.
Oh okay thank you, what about my initial question? Would that be what a Senior session consists of?

Up to the senior man.. ask them what they want. Just make sure you take enough that can be submitted to the yearbook. The last thing you want is them not liking any of the photos that follow the rules.
Wow, I thought you sold all your gear and got out of the whole photography thing.
Welcome back, Bram Stoker.

O hey tyler, yeah I have just been so busy with school and work and my D40x fried up on me 2 weeks ago so picking up my D7000 today :drool:

Schwetty, Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely take a different approach to this whole situation, thank you very much.
Most schools (at least in my area) do the formal book photo with gown at school for the kids.
Most senior portrait sessions do not require that formal shot with the gown.
If they do need the gown shot you probably don't want to mess with it.
Yeah I know the school does what everybody calls "Grad pics" but that's with gown and hat and all that. Students pay $200.00+ for the cheapest package. I was just wanting to do this for my brothers friends, something cheaper and less formal for their parents.
Senior sessions consist of ANYTHING. It can be their extra curricular activities at school-sports, band, chorale, art... or not at school-skate boarding, goth... you name it. The standard studio headshot is a requirement for every senior. For the rest? anything goes. I generally do several studio style shots, some outdoor and indoor. Sometimes sessions are done at the school in the gym or aud or art room. I LOVE to work in the hallways and stuff to get the school part of it included. Senior portraits are an ANYTHING kind of shoot. You must plan well for them or you will find yourself shooting one senior for hours and hours... not a wise investment in time.

The "rules" you will need are what the school requires for the yearbook-however at this point most schools have their senior portraits done and submitted by now. Deadlines are usually in the October/November time frame. Some schools require a drape for girls and a black suit, white shirt and tie for boys and have very specific measurements as to where the head must fall in the image. Some schools have specific head placement requirements but hugely varied requirements for clothing... Some schools have no requirement what-so-ever for the yearbook image only on how it must be submitted. Some require the image be submitted in a very specific (AND ODD) size of print, some require that it be submitted digitally, some require it be CMYK formatted, some require sRGB, some require Adobe... It's insane.
a few reasons-1. kickbacks. 2. uniform yearbook images 3. that photographer actually produces the yearbook for them. They can have their OTHER pictures done anywhere, but if it's going to be submitted for the school you have to use the school's photographer.

Senior portraits are done from about June through October. This is prime time to get a few senior reps from the graduating class of 2013 and get their sessions done so they can be passing out rep cards to every one else graduating that year and doing your advertising for you.
Woah thanks for all the info. Yeah the local Highschool he goes to has their own guy for the "Grad pics". This idea was moreso for the parents of the graduates, something that will not be submitted to the yearbook. Just printed out or given to them on a disc.
Man I guess Im ignorant lol! I never knew schools had rules for their senior photo. My school had 500 in our class and we could pick any photo. As long as it didn't promote drugs and drinking, to sexy etc etc. I've done some for some friends kids also and never even thought to ask about rules ::smacks self on head:: lol
Also, don't forget that senior photography can be complicated depending on who's paying. If Mom is paying, but junior wants this, this and that pose, while Mom wants others, you have to make sure that you satisfy both parties.
The guys photos (for the yearbook) are typically a tux top. Not sure how you could improvise on that one. BUT if you should happen to shoot any young ladies, a large peice of velvety black fabric and a clamp work perfectly. Pearls are a nice touch as well :)

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