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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Iron Flatline, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Yo all.

    Well, being TPF's Leicaweeny means it's my job to link to this week's New Yorker article about my favorite brand and camera.

    Candid Camera: The Cult of Leica


    Be aware though, it's a long article.

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    Hey Iron,

    A little off topic but I just purchased this book and I do believe you would enjoy it as well (if you haven't already):

    Leica "Witness to a century" by Alessandro Pasi.

    Its a good mix of Leica history, stories (Robert Capa and Magnum for example), and a tiny bit of technical background.

    btw... are you the TPF Leica cult leader? hehehe lol Thanks for the link.

    -- edit --

    Oh funny... the book I just mentioned is also mentioned in the article...
  3. Well, I'm the self-declared cult leader... but is there any other kind? :lol:

    Yup, I got that book last week. When I organized the European Photobloggers Meet-up in Berlin we had a ton of gifts from a lot of sponsors - including LFI. They sent a lot of books as give-aways, including that one. We were going to raffle off all those prizes, but I kept that one for myself - as my reward for organizing the event ;-)

    Check it out: Flickr Group
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    Excellent article.

    I only owned one Leica in my lifetime- the M5. I foolishly sold it many, many years ago when I was broke.

    I would later come to realize that usually, being broke is just a temporary thing.

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