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Aug 12, 2010
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Hey guys, I've been doing some learning/reading on here (great forum) and had a few questions that came up. I just bought a Nikon D3000 with the 18-55mm lens. I am wondering how to make the camera focus on the entire object I'm shooting versus just a part of it. The train picture below is an example, I love the way it came out but I'd also like to be able to focus on the entire train (it's hosted on Facebook so the quality is suffering). I did adjust the aperture to it's lowest setting so maybe that is partially the reason? Any help would be great.

What you've got now is a shallow depth of field. Just as you said that's because of the low aperture number. Raise your f-stop somewhere upwards of f/8 - f/14 and you'll see a change in how much of the subject is in focus.

Your depth of field increase as your f number increases.
aperture to the lowest setting (smaller aperture number) really means your aperture is at the largest. What you are talking about is Depth of Field (DOF). You need more depth of field. You can achieve this by making your aperture smaller (bigger aperture number).
Awesome, thank you! I'll go try now.

Again, poor quality but I achieved what I was looking for, thanks again!

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The yellow Milwaukee car is at f/16. It's poorly lit, crappy background, etc but the focusing is what I needed to figure out haha
Well it's a starting point right?

Now that you know how to get things in focus all the way from front to back, you've just got to get the lighting and maybe a background. White backgrounds are fun with these sort of photos.

Remember when your f number is high, the hole in which light passes is really tiny. Meaning less light gets in. Compensate for this with either a higher ISO (less desirable) or a slower shutter speed (tripods come in handy).
Yeha I read that lower ISO is better so I need to get a tripod. Those pictures are from the top of my dresser with my back to the window, that way it allows me to set the camera on the dresser versus my shakey hands holding it. Right now I'm just getting used to all the capabilites and testing stuff out. This is a huge upgrade from my Kodak P&S so my white walls and trains are my teething rings ha.
but you didnt shoot it at the same orientation. If you shoot the train from its side, then even with your other setting it would turn out ok as well.

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