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Sep 1, 2010
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I just got my Nikon D3000, and hoping to get into photography. I read the manual and a couple how to's on the net, just messing around with the camera is fun! Heres a couple pics i got so far! Any tips for a newbie like me?




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Not just the technical part, but composition. Get things off center, rule of thirds, leading lines and so on.
You don't have to, but when I first started I pretty much stayed in aperture priority. It gave me a lot of control as far as separating subjects from backgrounds quickly and easily. Also, from the main screen the zoom out button is your friend. Takes you straight to most of the settings you would need to change at any given time during a shoot.

Read all you can about composition, exposure, aperture etc. Google and read it all haha. Also, you will learn a lot on here.
Welcome! Tips? Yep, keep reading, and keep practicing. You've got a good start there.
Great first images but yes, look into the rule of thirds and how to compose the shots for a better overall look. Later on when you look into different ways to light your subjects you'll find your shots can become that much better.

As a start though, try to keep things off the center of the image and off to one side or the other; making sure to keep the image 'balanced' though. The more you read into composition the more you'll hear about that.

As Blake.Oney said, fiddling with the half-manual modes can help you learn quicker. Aperture Priority to help with depth of field, Shutter Priority to freeze subjects or show motion etc.

Enjoy the new camera!
Thanks guys! I learned that the pop up flash isnt my favorite. I have been reading but not much tim et play with the camera yet. Thanks for the tips!
I don't know anybody who's purchased "[ame=""]Understanding Exposure[/ame]" and been disappointed. :)

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