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Apr 6, 2021
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I'm relatively new to photography, but I feel I'm advancing quick. My main desire is bird photography.
What's the best tablet for a photographer.. for photo editing, etc?
I would never consider a tablet for editing, myself. I need a bigger screen!!! PC and a very good monitor, calibrated for color. I can't even imagine what I'd do with a tablet, but maybe that's just an old guy stuck in his ways.
Having spent quite some time in front of a computer, working with Photoshop (now with Affinity Photo), the only advice I can give is:

Do not use a small screen! You will drive yourself crazy zooming in/out and scrolling the image.

As already mentioned, use a computer with a large screen and enough processing power to work on very large images. For example, an iMac will work well...
I have a 12.9” iPad Pro that I use in the field in order to be able to see images on a “larger” screen, use LR and even PS to edit and quickly post to social media, but later view and do a final edit on a larger screen. It has the advantage of being able to use the Apple Pencil to quickly make masks, etc. I also have a 15” MacBook Pro to do the same thing and I connect a 27” photo oriented monitor to the MacBook when back in my Lightroom. I prefer the 15” MacBook Pro in the field over the 12.9” iPad Pro. The vast majority of my serious editing is done on a Win10 machine with a 27” photo oriented monitor.

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