Niagara Falls Snuck Up on Me!


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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This weekend our daughter moved into her first apartment alone and we went down so Dad could drive the moving truck and we could lend a hand. Miss Em has been working at a hotel beside Niagara Falls for a while now and her new place is a short walk to the river and falls. Despite that we had no intention to go to see the falls this time around.

We were driving back to her place and I had my camera put away, her and I were just chatting and she asked if I wanted to drive past her work, it was just one street away, I said sure! Well as we crested this hill it took my breath away, I do believe my exact words were Holy ****! as I scrambled to get my camera out of the bag, she laughed and apologized for not warning me lol I was still set up from the drive down doing some slow shutter speed shots and I didn't have time to change anything, I got one shot off before we passed the pedestrian walkway. This is the first view of Niagara Falls as you crest the hill, I can't wait to go down for a visit!

IMG_6466bw-1 by Judi, on Flickr
Nice frame!

And you caught a photographer, too!
Thanks Designer!
I know right! So cool! I so totally didn't see them up there, I didn't have time to actually see much, I just wanted to get the pedestrian bridge in lol I love the person on the bike with the.... wizard hat? on too :) (much easier to see zoomed in on the larger version on Flickr) Soooo much to find in this image.
Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch ...
Thanks John :)
Teehee Ken, now I have to go watch that, it's been ages!
Yeah, that Niagara Falls is known to be sneaky. I like the person shooting a photo up on the footbridge.
Thanks all!
D, I definitely didn't see it comin' lol

Jaca, I've been to the falls a few times over the years, I don't recall ever approaching them from this street, it was just .... wow.

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