Nicole Kotrbova winner of Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012 contest!


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Jun 7, 2012
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Three international fashion and photography superpowers joined forces to create a competition that would summon the most talented Fashion Photographers in the world. Together with world-renowned fashion-based television channel Fashion TV and online fashion and advertising magazine, set the stage for hundreds of incredible photographers to showcase their best gallery with the hope of winning an exclusive editorial photo shoot in Europe and invaluable promotion on prestigious sister website

The leading creative network, launched little over a year ago, provided the ideal online platform for participants to reach an array of important industry professionals and potential clients. Over the past 9 weeks, 56 hand picked fashion photographers from all over the world battled it out for the support of this audience. The public voted in their thousands, with the finalists alone receiving a combined score of over 15,000 individualsÂ’ votes. After a total of 9 nail biting rounds Nicole Kotrbova from Prague was crowned Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012. $Nicole Kotrbova1.jpg

Runners up were Frankfurt’s Michelle Fennel $Michelle Fennel1.jpgand Polly Rabtseva$Polly Rabtseva1.jpg from Los Angeles, USA. The three females beat fellow photographers to the podium despite fierce competition. With résumés that boast clientele among the likes of Vogue and Beyoncé, many of the contest participants were unrivalled in both talent and industry experience.

The benefits of this process have been plenty for all involved. New alliances have been formed through media partnerships that have directly led to a substantial increase in attention directed towards participantsÂ’ work and traffic to their websites. The same effect has been achieved through extensive social media presence of all companies involved throughout the contest. Vimity has been privileged to collaborate with the calibre of photographers that entered and who now form part of the wide online community at Keep an eye out next year for Fashion Photographer of the Year 2013Â…

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