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Aug 8, 2012
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I took this over the last weekend. I know the horizon could use a bit of work, but to be honest, I was more concerned with the sky than the ground. Everything below the horizon is intentionally underexposed, I just wanted a silhouette, although I may try and go back through and make a "fake" HDR by doing some tweaks in ACR. This was taken just after sundown. The bright area just to the right of center isn't the sun set. It is the sky glow from the city I live in.

You should stay with the horizon in silhouette and avoid any HDR processing. Just add some black space at the bottom, especially on the left.
I like this and nice job on the milky way. I agree with adding some dark to the bottom, that was my first impression too. I also find that the area to the left of the tree that is just left of centre in the shot is fairly empty and distracts from the milky way. I might crop that to just left of the tree. As to HDR, personally I am not a fan and this is a good shot just as it is IMHO. The city backlight gives that extra oommph.
I agree with what everyone has said except I like the Idea of trying HDR treatment on this only I dont like the overcooked over processed HDRs Try an understated more natural looking HDR and see what it looks like!

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