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Sep 8, 2008
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The Great White North
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Weather is finally getting half decent in the evenings temperature wise so I decided to head out after washing the car and take night shots of the car with remote triggered flashes....however its not THAT warm, and with the cool breeze I couldn't be bothered to try setting everything up in the cold. So I decided to turn my car shoot location that was going to be the background into the subject and take some long exposure shots.
It's my first time playing around with 10+ second exposures. Needless to say I'm tripod mounted but its still a challenge to control camera shake with the wind. Aside from remote trigger any tips? It was gusty on the ridge where I was shooting from.
Comments and Criticism are welcome, it was my first try so I'm looking for some pointers to improve.



I love those shots, what F stop did u use ???
in order; 11, 7, 22

I was shooting on Shutter priority on a D90. Being the first time trying it I was more focused on getting a long enough exposure to light everything properly, it was bloody dark on the hill. i started off thinking like 1/10 would be right, but quickly found out that it just gave me a black photo. played around until i got to 10-20 seconds
That is a really cool shot Denver is crappy for trying this kinda shot hahaha
Calgary isn't much better at the moment. That's like the one hill in town above the river, and the whole city is brown and dirty from the snowy winter we had.

Will be interesting to go back and do the same thing again once everything gets green.

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