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Jan 9, 2008
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Ok so i dont have a big pro camera like some but the camera takes good quality photos as you will see once i upload my new site soon, I was using it at the speed way jsut as the sun was going down and once it was dark all the photos were crap, and i couldnt use the flash, and flash wouldnt really mater as i was 50 or so metres away from the cars....

The camera has a preset night mode and a preset sport mode but i couldnt have both so i tried manual setting but i know nothing about it can someone help me thanks..
you need to use a tripod along with the night scene mode and you'll get great results.
Thanks, yeah tripod is on the way been waiting a month on a friend he forgets, he said yeah i have one for ya that you can have and well hopfull ill get it this saterday..Thanks
A good tripod and manual focus are a must for any night photography. Go a head and buy a tripod new, don't rely on a second hand one if unless you have to. Manual focus is a must due to autofocuses tendancy of inability to find the appropriate subject in low light situations.
Hey thanks man i am going to jsut go with the second hand one for now, cost nothing and just until i know that i 100% want to get into it, like i love doing it but i dont wanna spend to much money on gear and what not for it..

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