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Aug 14, 2013
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hi everyone

so recently i posted about looking for a new lens to cover about 35mm to 100mm on a dx body and now i found out an acquaintance of mine is selling a 28-105 for around 100 euro. it seems to fit the bill for me. anyone have experience of this lens? i said i'd buy it anyway so don't be too harsh ;)
Does your body have a focus motor? If not, you'll be stuck with manual focusing.
The 28-105 AF-D was a Lens Across America in the past.
People got some nice and sharp photos from it. There were a lot of positive comments about it for it's sub $100 US normal price.

I've thought about getting it's longer cousin the 28-200 for an all-in-one lens on my d600.
Here's some pics I shot with the Lens Across America 28-105 AF-D, which I thought was a pretty good performing lens.

D3X_2817_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_2864_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_2896_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_2985_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_3006_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_3015_28-105 LAA.JPG D3X_3082_28-105 LAA.JPG This is from just a walk around the block late in the afternoon. 24MP FX Nikon.

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