Nikon 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor


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Jan 4, 2008
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Hi All,

Just saw this lense online for just under $400. Has anyone got this lense and if so what are your thoughts on it? (If you have some pictures taken with just the lense, please send a link so I can check the quality out) if you have other alternative lenses to suggest for roughly the same price please do.

Thanks all

I'm no expert or anything but I love that lens I would send you to my pictures taken with that lens but they are not going to be representative of the quality of the lens.
Any pictures would be helpful :D Thanks!
I don't have any pics at the ready, but it's one of Nikon's sharpest lenses. Will focus down to one-to-one. That is the image size on the sensor will be life size. Great price for an outstanding lens. For years I used the manual focus version of this lens as a standard lens unless I just had to have more speed.
Thanks J. So this lense will be perfect for bugs, leaves and flowers etc? I'll still hold out for some pics to be sent :D thanks!
The lens is good for anything from 1:1 to infinity. If shooting stuff like bee's of wasps, a lot of macro shooters prefer the 105mm lens because it lets you shoot from a little farther away and for a lot of live subjects the extra distance helps prevent spooking the subject. But for raw sharpness, the 60 is very hard to beat.
Check out ebay, I've seen some go for a little over $300 to save you some money :)

Definitely not as sharp as this lens can get (EXIF data says I was shooting at f36 but I'm pretty sure this lens only goes to f32). I wouldn't shoot at that fstop ever again because you lose a lot of the sharpness this lens has to offer.
If you're looking into bugs and whatnot, I'd get the 105mm. I have the 100mm for my Canon and it is great. I'm not right in the bug's face, and they don't try to hurt's a win-win situation. :D
I have this lens and it is indeed a great one. I use it primarily for modeling subjects(of the plastic kind) so getting close is of no concern and you can definitely get in close with it. The only drawback is the auto focus is a little on the noisy side.
Definitely not as sharp as this lens can get (EXIF data says I was shooting at f36 but I'm pretty sure this lens only goes to f32).

The 60 Micro-Nikkor changes focal length as you focus - it gets shorter as you focus more closely. This is how it achieves 1:1 without excessive draw. The aperture data is, I believe, the effective aperture derived from a combination of the actual focal length and the magnification, because when you are close up the effective aperture is not the marked aperture. That's my interpretation anyway.

It is a fun lens to play with I have a picture I took with it of a ring but either the focus is bad or there is more chroma noise than I could imagine being there (probably thanks to using effectively f40) but if you use something along the lines of f11 it is supposed to give SUPERB quality.
Thanks for all the feedback all. So would it be best to wait a little longer to save up for the 105mm?
That would be up for you to decide, it's personal preference. I use both, and I prefer the 105's working distance. But, at the same aperture, the 105 has about half the DOF (depth of field) the 60 does. When DOF in of major importance, when I can I use the 60mm.

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