nikon d3000 vs canon rebel xs


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Sep 14, 2010
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Im looking into buying my first dslr camera.Im looking at spending 500 to 600 ish. Both of these are highly rated. any input would be great
I love my D3000. I got the chance to play around with the XS a few days ago and I really didn't like it. I'd say anyone who has had Nikon as every camera would probably say the same, though. You really can't go wrong with either.
I've had both, having the D3000 now. The Canon feels like a toy compared with the Nikon. Just sayin'.
Im looking into buying my first dslr camera.Im looking at spending 500 to 600 ish. Both of these are highly rated. any input would be great

Go to a camera store and hold both of these in your hands. Buy whichever one you like better.

I chose Nikon a couple of yrs ago because the Canon equivalent felt very cheap.
Get a Pentax K-x
Get a Pentax K-x

whats make the pentax better?

Nothing really.. it's a personal preference thing. It does use a D90 sensor though, if I remember right.

You really need to research this on your own, figure out what's right for you. It's like going to an automotive forum and asking "what car should I buy" - everyone with a Chevy will tell you to get a Chevy... Ford owners will tell you to buy a Ford. I was just suggesting an alternative. It's in your budget and a good 3rd option.

Now do your homework and get rid of that 500-600 $
Also, you're in Mass... there's a great amount of camera crap on Boston craigslist. I'd check that out as well.
Pentax K-x is a good option. I came really close to getting one. They also record HD video if you'd be interested in that feature.
Seriously tho, stick to Canon or Nikon. Many more accessories for these two brands.
I went through the same decision making process just a month or two ago. I read lots of reviews and ultimately decided on the Canon because it appears to have a bit less noise at high ISO settings. (I'm sure this could be a subject of debate, but the majority of reviews / comparisons I read seemed to agree on this)

Obviously ISO noise is only one consideration out of many factors. Try to think about what is most important to you (what you expect from the camera), and read lots of reviews to see how the cameras compare in the areas you care about the most. I imagine there are areas where each brand excels above the others.

There ya go, that's my $0.02; feel free to apply it towards your new camera purchase budget. :lol:
Pentax offers 100% viewfinder. This is a huge plus.
Usually only found in much more expensive cameras.
And yes it's bright and clear.
The other two : not 100% view finders.

Umm, I'm pretty sure the kx is only 96%, but even if it was 100%, it wouldn't matter much.
I had the Rebel XTi for a few years then upgraded for the 50D.

First time I found a great deal on the XTi + SD1000 on ebay so I bought it. Used it for a few years then went through this when I was deciding on upgrading. This is where the differences are revealed. Are you planning on building a collection of lenses? because the bodies, while they're more important in DSLR than film, are still a fraction of the cost of lenses (fraction of the cost of one lens, in come cases).

So the question is which style are you more comfortable.. As long as you're comfortable with the body you'll be fine, and honestly some time with either you'll get used to it.

Above all look at the lenses, look at what your longterm goals are because, for me at least, lenses are a long term expendature and investment. Personally I went with Canon because the 50D felt better in my hand and I like the Canon glass selection better. When matched up people may say nikon equivalents are better all along the way but i saw more selection w/Canon and a bigger used market. also, you can place an adapter on Nikon mounts so they work on Canon bodies, not the other way around (if i'm not mistaken).

So look at the specs on the body but think be sure to look past it.. unless you plan on buying a kit and never expanding lenses, then it doesn't really matter and I'd probably go with the pentax tbh having read the above posts.

whichever you pick, enjoy! :D

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