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Nikon D700 Upgrade

What do you want to do that you can't do with your D700?
What do you want to do that you can't do with your D700?
Who cares.I'd say if you can afford it then why not. People spend $6k+ on new rims for their car all the time and it does nothing other than for looks. The D4 is better than the D700 at every single way. For me, no. My D700 can still pack a punch and I don't have $6k to spare on a new body. If I made a living with photography then I'd want the latest and greatest.
What do you all think about new Nikon D4 that just came out. Should I upgrade to Nikon D4 or wait and see what Nikon does with D800?

If you don't know... then why upgrade at all? FWIW, based on rumors, the two bodies sound like they will have different uses. Do you want a rugged action camera capable of taking excellent video or do you want a studio camera with colossal file sizes to deal with.
I will die with my D700. But thats just me, I don't like spending money for the sake of spending money.


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