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Mar 18, 2011
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I'm looking into starting to shoot some local models for free and help them build their portfolios as I build mine. ( I want to be a second shooter for a photographer in the summer and figured this will help me or atleast be his/her gopher as I could gain knowledge and processes from them) I'm interested in getting some off camera flash. Should I get a bracket for my camera or just get lighting stands?

If my knowledge is correct my D7000 will be able to fire OCF without any attachments to the flashes?
I would prefer to shoot with the light on a stand.

Yes, the D7000 has built-in Commander mode.
412 Burgh said:
So let's say I want to use my SB-700, and a Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight I do not need any more adapters like a wireless trigger?

I think that yn has an optical slave... I don't know how reliable it is outdoors and the range You Will have. You can always get radio triggers but you won't be able to use auto fp with manual triggers. There's plenty of hacks but require creativity.
No, though Commander mode is a wireless trigger. It's an optical trigger signal rather than a radio trigger signal.

But you do need to know that the YN-560 will be triggered by any flash from either the D7000 popup flash and/or the SB-700. So you'll need to maintain am optical line-of-sight.

If you are using a TTL mode that generates pre-flashes, you need to be sure and set up the YN-560 so it will ignore the TTL pre-flashes and only fire with the main flash.

A radio signal is often preferred because it's not limited to line-of-sight, cannot be over powered by sunlight, and has a lot more range than an optical trigger signal.
Shooting outside in even overcast skies may prevent the Commander mode from operating. You will need a lot of on-camera flash horsepower to get the slaves to respond. I'd recommend ponying up for a set of RF triggers.
So a good name brand Triggers would be? Just looking to use 2 speedlights or 3.

Pocket Wizards and I believe cactus? I don't need top of the line.
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I bought some of the Cactus V5 a few weeks ago and so far they have proved to be pretty good. We don't get much sun here at this time of year so I can't say how reliable they will be on a sunny day.

I would have liked the Pocket Wizards but I could not justify spending that amount of money as a beginner.
if you are looking for off camera flash, i would actually just stick with cls. Unless you would like to do everything full manual. CLS works, and it works well, just make sure if you are using it outdoors that you have the cls window on your flash (this is a small circular cutout on the side, its not on the front, it actually has a wave with an arrow on it which is the symbol for cls,) pointed at your camera. I've used radio triggers and other than pocket wizards i've had problems with most of em. CLS gives you ttl, something you wont get with radio triggers without spending a decent amount of cash.

The only thing i would get is the following: Light stand, light modifier (umbrella or softbox or beauty dish,) and a umbrella holder. Make sure you get a decent umbrella holde not a cheapie ball head or ebay bracket. That is all you need for one flash off camera, you can also add another light stand and modifier if you want 2 flash setup or perhaps use a reflector holder and a flash to be cost effective.
Check out the phottix strato 11, I think I paid $100; 1 transmitter 1 receiver with additional receivers at about $60. Work great, excellent built quality.

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