Nikon D90 FE E error message


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Sep 23, 2010
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I recently purchased a Sigma 50mm 2.8 EX DG 1:1 Macro Lens on ebay. Have not had chance to use much. The other day trying it out in auto and manual- all seemed to be working ok. Today tried again. Played around in auto, then switched camera and lens to manual. When I unlock the aperture ring and go to anything other than f32, I get an FE E message. I can use the command wheels on the camera and manually change speed and aperture that way, but shouldn't I be able to use the ap ring on the camera? Making any sense? I also cleaned the lens and camera contacts and tried reseating the lens several times. Thanks
Thanks. I finally figured out that was the only way to get it to work manually. I just thought that I had used the aperture ring when I first got it, but I must have been thinking of a different lens. I'm just glad to know that all is working ok. I suppose the aperture ring could be used on a different camera and not the D90 or why would they put it on there?

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