Nikon d90 not focusing from lcd. Do well from visor


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Jan 3, 2021
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Hello. I am new and yesterday I bought nikon d90 second hand. With 18-105 lens on it. When i try focusing from visor, it focuses noiseless and fast. But then i push Lv button, after that lcd activated and then lens don't focus speedy and lots of bad sounds comes from lens trying to focus but can not do easily. Maybe 5-6 seconds later can focus. If I shot down Lv it becomes normal. Speedy and sounds little. What can i do. Thanks for you help..
Completely different auto-focus systems when using Live view versus the viewfinder. The "real" auto-focus system is around the pentaprism in the top of the camera, which doesn't work in Live View, which raises the mirror and block light to the prism. Live View autofocuses with sensor data using image contrast, and as you've discovered, is not as precise and is very prone to hunting, especially on an older camera like the D90. There is pretty much nothing you can do about it.

Seriously, you don't want to use Live View for regular shooting of stills, anyway. The ONLY reason to use Live View is to record video, and the camera does not autofocus at all while shooting video. It focuses while Live View is open (or at least makes a great effort to do so,) and then locks focus when you start recording video.

Stay in the viewfinder and you'll like the camera. Try to use Live View and you'll take a hammer to it before very long.

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