Nikon D90 with Nikkor 55-200mm VR Lens??

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Aug 30, 2010
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I have the Nikon D90 (Which I love) but I am always at my husband's track days and the 18-105 lens isn't cutting it sitting at the public's seats. I'm getting the Nikkor 55-200mm VR lens in hopes that I can get clearer shots from a further distance. I bought my lens for 155$. Was this a good idea??? Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
For $155 that's a pretty good deal. I speak more in "canon" but I know that lens sells around $250+ new. Was it used? Good condition? You'll find with the extra reach you can get closer, but maybe not as close as I think you may have hoped. At a track, a 70-300 may have done better for you.
I considered that as well but the only 70-300mm in my price range was non-vr and I wasn't comfortable with that. Would the VR matter significantly during track days?
Not so much outdoors especially in enough light, if you've got a fast enough shutter speed to work with you'll be fine. It's indoors or when the sun sets that the VR helps you out. It can compensate a few stops especially if you need to have your aperture wide open and need to keep the iso down.
When using my 18-105mm, it's really quick. It's just the distance that's the issue for me. I really want to expand and get the 70-200mm but right now, I really hope the 55-200mm will do this for me. Our next track day is this 6th.! :meh:
This 6th we're going to Streets of Willow, but this past weekend, we were at Button Willow.
I would save for the 70-300.

The last time I went to Mid Ohio I was glad I had it, a friend of mine had 55-200.
What about a Sigma 70-300mm non-vr? Would that be a better shot than my nikkor 55-200mm vr? They're around the same price range.

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