Nikon P6000

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by passerby, Aug 20, 2008.

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    This semi pro camera is not out yet until next month, and there is no full review yet. But there are couple sites that had the privilege to have the early view. It seem everything else except the uproar of the RAW feature in it (which does not really got me). The sample shots given are very good especially the studio shot really outstanding - but taken with ISO 64 though.

    If the ISO performance of this camera is good upto 6400 than the ricoh GX200 is over run by it. GX200 acceptable ISO is 200, with 400 is the last resort.

    Will this camera be the canon G9 competitor? It is smaller for a start.
    Oh btw, the rumor has it that the large sensor nikon compact is on it's way to compete the sigma DP-1. It will use the D60 sensor.

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    If it shoots .nef, I want one! I've been waiting for a "Rangefinder-esque" P&S that shoots .nef.

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