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Feb 1, 2004
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An OK pic?
Why would my title make you think of "something else"?
What is in the expression that I don't know - is there more meaning to saying "No 2" in English than I know?
Love the colors and composition. I would like to see it without the shadow below the plate, but over all...I like.

And without breaking forum rules. No1 and No2 are bathroom expressions...most for guys. It is all about standing vs sitting...
That shadow below the plate... erm ... well... I think whoever lives in this house "No 2" (which is the house number and has nothing to do with bathroom behaviours!!!!!! :shock: ) would not have liked me too much if I had chopped off some of his forsytiae bush in order to get rid of the shadow :wink: ... and for a while I thought it might look like a hand pointing at the number, but now I am no longer quite so sure. I liked the colour of the brick in the early morning light, the texture of the timber beams and the old lettering of the "No."...
I like the shot - it makes you think! The shadow really did make me thing "monster" at first. I have to confess to chuckling about the #2 thing as well!

Nice shot though, good light and nice feel to the brick and wood.

hey corrina! i love the textures and color on this one :D
very cool :D
Nicely done Corrina. Great tones.

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