No swimming after dark

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    Im sorry I have no idea where to put this picture. Its a "city" owned pool so I thought i'd put it in the Cityscape section.
    Not going to lie I'm a little disappointed overall with my photoshoot at the pool. This is the only one that is even maybe good. Its a little grainy too. This is also my first Lightroom edit.
    I usually like to tell stories about my photos if they occur. I'm at the pool and I had to go to the back of it, its dark, secluded, and its 10 at night. I'm 16, and this scared the hell out of me. I had to hop up a 12 foot fence, that was already 4 feet up on cement. I got to the top about 3 times, the 2 before, A car would drive by or a person would on the opposite side of the pool ( im in the back ) but still so visible. I finally got over and took cover in the corner. I was setting up tripod, drenched in sweat and shaking. A car pulls over and then pulls into the pool parking lot. It wasnt a police car, but then the 2 people started to walk to the back. I hopped over that fence like my Keister was on fire. Turned out to be 2 20 year olds wanting to kiss behind the pool...great...So i went back over again, and was shaking the whole time. Everytime a car would go by, i would go prone, and hide in the corner. THEN when I was wide in the open I saw a police car approaching. I sprinted full speed and I saw him slowing down, and I slid ( the ground was boards ) like 10 feet into the corner or the fence. He slowed even more, and almost stopped. I was freaking out, Almost spotted. I got a few more than got the heck out of there. I'll go back there again eventually to get better ones =P
    C&C at will please! Thanks for reading!


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