No way out


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Jan 9, 2005
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A bit cliche, but thats alright. Yes it is a tennis racket. I know I am not very good at realistically screaming for the camera :)


Thanks for lookin'
Here's a suggestion for a more realistic one..
go to ur local jail and ask for a darkest and empty cell and then take the photo there, it will suit the theme very well
ur photo is very good as a starter:thumbup:
nice idea i like the concept, maybe would have worked better with chicken wire or summin.... but its ideas that count in the D/S, good one :thumbup:
never thought of a tennis racket.......neat idea!!

wonder if you put your hand on the other side, like your trying to get out...???
NIce one Omelettedude. Great idea for a prop too. That is the way to do it.:thumbup: :thumbup:
Thanks everyone :)
Aprilraven, that's a really good idea (the hand behind instead of in front), I actually can't believe I hadn't thought of it, so thank you.

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