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Jan 18, 2012
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Meridian, MS
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It pretty well summarizes my day. I'm just starting to learn about photography and I had planned to go out and shoot some after work (cause I REALLY need the practice). Instead I wound up working on spreadsheets until after 9pm....

I disagree. It IS a great photo.

It tells a story and it is sharp, well-exposed, and with no extra clutter.

It is more likely to be used as a stock photo advertising some product than it is to be framed as fine art, but I think it's good nevertheless!
lol I'm still alive so that request wasn't granted
worked out though, I'm taking it pretty easy today and "working" from home

and thanks Jeremy, I appreciate that. The thing that bothers me is that I don't have any lighting equipment and the lighting in the room was bad so I used the stock flash. The one piece of paper that is sticking up a little bit seemed to "catch" a lot more light than the rest of the picture.
Welcome to the world of critiquing your own work! You took the photo, and you can name what you would change about it... that's something a lot of people (aka, ME) struggle with.
I kind of like it, summarizes my sentiments of what I'll be doing the next few weeks, entering receipts, balancing my books and doing my taxes.
I submitted that photo to The Chive (any chivers here?) and it made it on the "I hate my job" gallery today, so I'm stoked!!!

and it's still relevant to me because I'm still working on this crap lol

here's the link if anyone cares
I Hate My Job Gallery : theCHIVE

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