Not very portable but..


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Jan 3, 2019
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Corozal, Belize
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..imagine the landscape shots 3.2 Gigapixels get you!! I'll bet the f/1.2 creates some nice bokeh, too.


Technical Details
Does it come with a free memory card?:D:D
Does it come with a free memory card?:D:D

Based on the specs below, you'll need the latest 5 Petabyte cards..

  • Over 3 GBytes/sec peak raw data from camera
  • 1 pixel = 2 Bytes (raw)
  • 3.2 billion pixels read out in 2 sec (15 sec integration)
  • Dynamic Range: 18 bits / pixel
  • > 0.6 GB/sec average in pipeline
  • ∼15 TBytes/night
  • 2 TFlops/s average, 9 TFlops/s peak

And you'd need a lot of SD cards.
yeah, but will it work at Aunt Ruby's lawn party?
I'm not usually keen on single lens cameras, but this one could be quite fun. Minimum focus distance is a little restrictive for everyday use so perhaps I'll wait till the price drops by a handful of orders of magnitude. Arranging a system for moving the camera might be a worthwhile challenge, once the hurdle of price is conquered :)

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