nothing more important than trying to buy a camera, and not finding any !!!


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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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so i'm trying to buy our cameras today.... and can't find any locally :grumpy:

not a single camera store, resale shop, pawn shop, craigslist, nobody, nothing, nada.

i'm finding tons on ebay and keh, usedcameras, etc...

but if i can spend locally and have it in my hand, im all for it.

but, looks like i might have to order, and wait for shipping.

found 3, over in cleveland area. 3 hour drive round trip.... beats waiting a week for the mail :lol:

now just waiting for return emails or phone calls.

//end rant
I get all my stuff through Amazon with Prime. Their return policy is amazing :)
I hear ya...I try and support local shops as much as I can, but when they dont have the stock when I'm ready to buy, hard not to buy on the 'net
Man oh man.... you two must be just itching to get your hands on them! gl on your quest!
dang.. i meant to type ANNOYING, not important !! lol

yes. itching like mad!

i'm sitting here, willing to drive 3-4 hours round trip... found 3 or 4 in Cleveland, and 2 or 3 in Columbus...

and none of them are even responding to their emails !!
Aha, I feel your pain on this one. Looking to pick something up, but the ONLY shop is 45 minutes away and doesn't have what I want. And buying online bothers me a bit sometimes without seeing the product before buying, especially used.
OP...thought the same thing yesterday.

Back in the day, lots of camera shops in town. Now nothing but Walmart, Sams, Target and Best Buy, I got to buy it all online. Sucks, but that is how our world developed.

Good luck in finding what you need.
I sympathize. I am luck, Classic Camera in Runnemeade is only 15 min away and Philadelphia is only 30. Although I usually don't have time to go to the stores (I spend WAY to much time there talkin shop) I end up ordering from B&H or Adorama.
well, got one of them nailed down. ebay.
bout to have the second one nailed, just waiting on an answer on an offer.

and, got a nifty fifty nailed down.
What are you buying?
i decided on canon xsi/450d's

they were new enough to keep us satisfied with features without being too old and behind.

yet, old enough to be able to fit out budget.

and after discussion about lenses, decided on an 18-55 kit lens and a 50mm 1.8 in addition to the 28-80 and 70-300 we already have. also have a 35-80 we'll try and sell, for a couple bucks. if not, no big deal. but this will give us 4-5 lenses to share between us and give us both an opportunity to start to learn our own shooting styles, preferences, subject matter, etc...

we already snagged her 450d, in silver like she was hoping for. only 6400 actuations. and already snagged a 50mm 1.8 in excellent condition.

now i'm just working on my black 450d, with a kit lens. if i get this one, it only has 4500 actuations.

canon claims 100,000 is good for the 450d.
we ALMOST bought a Nikon d5000 kit...

but, whoever inherited it would be stuck with the 1 lens, and no speedlight. so we passed on it.

besides we are competitive enough with each other...

can you imagine the war in our house if we threw canon vs Nikon into the mix ! :lol:

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