Number Fourteen


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May 6, 2011
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British Columbia
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I'm working on my black and white conversions and would like some feedback, criticism, harsh commentary, etc.

I drive by this field of cows everyday on my way to work and decided to take a trip on a day off and try to capture something of interest (I've also been struggling with inspiration lately, all I've been shooting is my kids).

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Number Fourteen by Boaketography, on Flickr

B&W Conversion using LR and Siler Efex

Number Fourteen-2 by Boaketography, on Flickr

Thanks for looking
Wow, 73 views and no comments.

Been having a hard time getting any action on my threads lately. I must REALLY be struggling with inspiration, haha.
Don't worry... if you are regular here, there is nothing to worry about that.... i had seen many classic images plunged deep down without a single comment upon them.... nobody to blame... it happens like that.... that is all ;)

I really like this image... probably i like the original more...but your B&W conversion did work well... and i really appreciate your choice of caption, 14!!!

Regards :D
Another vote for the original - the tag stands out much better there. You could partially desaturate the greens and yellows and see how that works, but I'd leave the red alone.
I agree, the more I look at them, I prefer the color version over the black and white. I also wish I would have used a smaller aperture to get more blur in the background.

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