Objectionable Language (To Some, Perhaps) Aboard!

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    Okay, I warned you...don't scroll if you think it will offend you. Having said that I really wanted to post these photos from last evening when I attended V-Day 2008, which was the 12th year of the Vagina Monologues. I had never seen it and it came to New Orleans this weekend with the headliners, Glenn Close, Salma Hayek and Opra Winfrey. Well, the headliners were a no-show, but the event was inspiring nonetheless, and some of the art was phenomenal.

    I called first to see if I could take a camera and was told no "professional" cameras allowed. When I asked what this meant he couldn't tell me. However, I was afraid that they would confiscate it at the door or turn me away so I didn't want to risk it and opted to take my Coolpix P5000 instead.

    First off, this isn't the first time I've been *burned* by someone telling me I can't have a camera, only to arrive and see all kinds of cameras being used. To prove it notice the speedlight flare in the center of the image. How do you all handle those camera warnings? Inquiring minds want to know. This was taken before the lights went down, well before the performance began.

    I'm posting these, in part, because...well look at the quality image that dang little ps camera captures.

    Okay, this is the one that you may find objectionable, but I was just amazed that in the same venue that I watch the New Orleans Hornets and the New Orleans Voodoo and where just a moment ago was advertising for Capital One THAT WORD WAS SCROLLING AROUND THE ENTIRE ARENA!! Okay, once I got past my adolescent regress I listened to the beautiful and inspiring writings being read on stage. By the way that's Shirley Knight in the black pants. She needed help getting on stage, but once there she sure did strut her stuff.

    You're welcomed to give C&C or comment on the couple of issues these images may inspire. Do we not take the picture because something objectionable (to some) is in the frame? I think not! Do we follow the rules when told not to bring photographic equipment only to find other pros lugging their well hung glass, or do we ignore them as others seem to? I am getting tired of being the jerk who left the proper equipment at home in order to obey rules.


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