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Feb 28, 2006
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First of all let me say I'm married lol.

Me and a friend had a debate yesterday while we were in Barnes ad Noble. I was looking through Photography books for ideas and tips (if anyone has a tip on a good one to get feel free to input opinion on that.). ANYWAYS, I was telling him why I liked certain pics....why I didn't like others and so on. There were a few nude shots.....tastefull artistic. He told me that's the kind of photos I should take. As I said i'me married so the only person I could shoot naked would be my wife, and then I coudln't publish them or show them to anyone......cause I'm a jealous guy lol. I told him finally that I have a 35mm slr so someone has to develop film for me. Since I can't afford a pro lab It's ussually Wolf or Walgreen's (since i'm jsut starting really). That being the case I can't send film with nude photos because the won't develop it, and I could be confronted about it. He proceeded to tell me that as long as you have a note signed claiming that the subject is "of age" and consented to the photos they have to develop them for you.

1) I don't know where he got this info, as he is not a photographer.
2) I'm sure they can refuse any photos they feel are questionable
3) As I stated the only woman I could/would photo naked is my wife (and i wouldn't nor would she like the idea) so I wouldn't WANT the photolab guy to see the pics.

That said. Is he correct in his statement. Did I loose the debate? Can you truly take film and have a message stating that it is consented and of age and they will develope it?

that's odd if so....i mean aren't stores clossified as "family friendly evironments"?
Personally I would process them my self or go digital, having worked in a soho shop processing and witnessing that the main reason that the employees check the pictures is to make a copy of all the naughty ones i would not want to let any pics of my better half anywhere near a commercial processers, they could end up anywahere irrespective of if they say they will or wond develop them.

I would suggest that the developer places reserve the right to not develop any film. I don't see why they wouldn't process it though. It's not like they need a special license is it? If they say they can't ask why and it could be you need a release form and then they will.

i mean aren't stores clossified as "family friendly evironments"?

Well only the person developing the film will see it.
If you ever produce anything worth having and "naked" the store WILL have a copy. I know tens of people who work in photo development, and many labs have a wall of shame on the wall you can't see from the customer side.

Wait for digital and see if your wife wants to make sure there's no naughtyness.

Phone up the lab and ask about their policy on nudity before you drop off the film. Most professional labs don't have a problem with it, depending on local obscenity laws, and if they do they'll let you know.

I can only speak for the labs I've worked in, but we never made any copies. It's immature, unprofessional, and probably illegal. That said, I'm sure it goes on. Try to find a lab that's really proud of their professionalism that you think you can trust; it'll cost you more, but maybe give you some peace of mind.
lol I don't want to take or develop pics of her. As I said all the reasons you listed are reasons I would never think of it.......the fact that the pictures would be viewed by someone else. I was just debating with Brad. I guess he won :(

I assumed they wouldn't do it period. He said you just need to assure them the person wasn't under age.

I'm barely good enough to take a picture of a person WITH clothes and make it decent. lol
Many of the types of labs you mentioned have a rush or one hour service available. Those types of machines make it possible for anyone within viewing distance to see the photos being printed as they exit the machine.

My wife was a photo lab manager at our local Wal-Mart for 3 years. They're policy strictly prohibited them from processing any photos containing nudity! If your photos were sent off to be developed by Kodak, they would be returned without the shots containing nudity being developed. And if there was frontal nudity of a child that was not considered tasteful, they were required to report it.

This is in California. Rules may vary depending on where you live?
Just a couple of points here:

When I worked in a photo lab, we had plenty of nude, as well as blatantly pornographic stuff come through. The way the laws are written, as long as it doesn't involve incest, children, rape, bestiality or necrophilia, it usually cant be stopped. Where the problem comes in is when you try to SELL the photos of porno stuff. This is where the US Gov. comes in.

Here is the DOJ website to clarify it all:

I honestly wouldn't have even thought about it. With the little labs in shopping "malls" and stuff they'd possibly be seen by someone and maybe then be distressing to the owners of the establishment... however, nudes are considered a fine art in many disciplines, traditional and otherwise. At our best local pro lab, I was almost sold a roll of film on the premise that: "Some guy comes here to buy film and get his film developed and only uses this film. He takes nude photos of girls and architecture, they're VERY good" (wink). I'd say they're pretty accepting of nudes if you take them anywhere decent and as stated above, "proud of their professionalism".

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