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Oct 29, 2012
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Greenville South Carolina
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Hello all. Im Daniel. Dan for short. I am 36yo. I am born and raised in South Carolina. I have been doing photography since 2009. I think I still suck. I have been a member on here for quite some time. I dont remember posting though. I shoot with a Canon T3I and a T6 red body. Lenses I use are a tameron 150-600 mm 5.6 nifty fifty canon 1.8 apature, 50-200mm 18-35 kit lens and 70-300 canon kit lens. Im still trying to figure out how to post photos. Right now I am shooting birds. I love to shoot wildlife photography.
Welcome (kinda feels weird since you've been here longer than me) to TPF.

With the gear you have I'd say you're set for the type of photography you enjoy.

As for posting images, it is easier to use a third party hosting site. I won't say which is best as I haven't tried them all. There is an upload a file button on the bottom right as you are posting. With this option you will be prompted for sizing requirements (sorry I don't know them as I rarely use this option.)

Hope to see some images from you and maybe learn something from the experience you offer.
welcome daniel, dan for short. i think flickr is the easiest option for sharing photos, but to each their own. i think photographers who don't think that they still suck at something photography related have lost the drive to learn their craft.

and well done remembering both your login and password for all these years.
Hi Dan. I still suck at photography - but sometimes I get lucky and the image looks like what I was aiming for.
Thank you everyone for the welcome. I had to reset my pass word the other day when I signed in lol. Here is a image of a sparrow I took this morning. IMG_1345.jpg
Hello and welcome, Dan. Participate in the forum and, like me, you may suck less over time.

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