Ok, 2 shots I was holding out on....


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Dec 24, 2005
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Making sure I wasnt going to get in trouble for these based on where they were. but what the heck its Christmas time ...

I took the stars out of the first shot, they were too distracting.


In the first one it looks like that thing is gonna fall down. :O Cool shots, I like them. The line at the bottom of the second is a little distracting though but it's not much.
cool! they have a sort of cross-processed look to them, especially the first one. did you do that on purpose or is that just how the lighting turned out?
Awesome shots. The second one is particularly interesting, the warehouse has sort of a greenish hue and the street kind of glows yet it works. Nice!
I have yet to see a series of yours I don't like. These are great. I like the processing you did. (as always). Got that creepy lookin feel.
Excellent as always man. Lovin the dark feel to these.

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