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    last time somebody here asked me how I had done this:

    I know that most of you use photoshop, but I used corel photopoint to this shot so I'll describe only general moves
    1. Convert photo to sepia mode, I prefer sepia than b&w, because it gives me more emotions :)
    2. Add noise. I added only 5% of noise of white color. It is important not to add too much of noise coz you'll loose all face expression or details of your photo.
    3. Add texture, I added one that is called "canvas". Also here you have to decide how much of it you want on your photo.
    4. Now it is time for frames.
    a) if you have PhotographicEdges (great program - I highly recommend it to you all) just add Frame, Burned.
    b) if you are yousing photoshop/corel you are able to do this with half-transparent brush of greyish color.

    If you expected something more as a tutorial, write here :)


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