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Jan 24, 2006
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I really liked the way this building looks, but I don't know if it's "dark" enough... if anyone could help me out with a ghost or something I'd appreciate. Or just let me know how to do it... I have no idea as my PS skills are reallly "basic" :blushing:.

yea, that is a cool building spako, i like it :thumbup:

If you want to add a ghost there are a number of ways to do it, the simplest of which is just to cut out a figure of a person using the polygonal lasso tool and paste it on to the image. Then set a low transparency level for the layer so that it barely shows..... you could then soften the edges using the blur tool. Another way is to create a layer mask for the figure and blend it into the image.
You should try yourself... its a great technique to learn and comes in useful alot for other things. If you dont want to, I would be happy to do one for you.... trouble is i dont have any good images of people, that could pass as a ghost..... and googleing for one is cheating! .... so if you have one you'd like to use, post it here... or pm me and send it directly to me.
Cool shot. Love the blacked out door, and the building looks pretty old.
Thank you for the tips Archangel!
I'll first have to go hunt a ghost then and give it a try...;)
Just might take a while
kinda looks like an old firehouse to me....it would be cool to "ghost " someone jumping...

great shot though spako....

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