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Old Port of Montreal


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Feb 4, 2012
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Hi there! I'm new to this forum and I'd like to get some advices/comments on my photos. Here's a first shot I took last week in Montreal!


Thank you guys :)
The photo looks very green. Did you do a lot of post-processing with it?
Yes, I tend to post-process my pictures a lot :p I like the unrealistic effect it adds.
personally i like some unnatural coloring and i liked this effect .... i used to making my sky violet and purple :lol:

But fearing public disgust, i don't practice that here much

All the Best

Regards :D
Welcome...to the Matrix.
Haha thanks! I know my pictures don't really "mean" something all the time. I like to create a piece of art that's esthetically nice but without a real story behind.
My best friend processes like that :) So I wont give you slack there. But the photo is really interesting on its own I think, it has nice leading lines.

Its a little dark though, and I'd like to see it with the whites bumped a touch so its not so flat.
<3 super beautiful. I like the green one too. Hmmm.

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