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Jul 19, 2017
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My current camera is the Olympus Stylus VR-370. For anyone who has used it, what's your take on it? While I'm hoping to get a DLSR camera once I'm financially able to do so, I do hope that my current camera (and Photoscape, which is a free (yet suprisingly good) version of Photoshop...sorta), will AT THE VERY LEAST get the wheels going.
Have not used it, but it has 16MP and a 4x optical Olympus-made zoom lens and sensor-shift image ought to be FINE to "get the wheels going". I have a 12-MP Nikon S570 compact thatr takeas pretty good pictures--about as good as a 2005 Nikon D2x 12.2 MP d-slr does with the older 80-200 f/4 Ai-S manual focuasing, yeah--the SHOOTER is more critical than the gear, most of the time. Use whatcha' HAVE!!!
Thank you for your response! I'm wanting to get into sports and fitness photography and I was hoping that my current camera could be used as a stepping stone to get some test shots in. While I'm aware that the shooter is more critical than the gear, can the camera at least be used to set up actual photoshoots? I've looked at the specs and it definitely is more than a point-and-shoot camera, but I have my doubts.
I've had good success with CCD point and shoots. I have had excellent image quality when using with a tripod, remote shutter, and shooting in manual mode ISO 100. Not that they can't do it in program auto, hand held. The tripod/remote combo expands creativity, slows you down, and offers the opportunity to maximize your hardware potential. Many people that own these, don't consider this tool and or method.

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