1. B

    Need Help Choosing a camera

    I'm a new photographer, I want to buy a camera for around 250$ and I am really struggling to choose between some cameras, I searched for the best cameras for that price and Found multiple cameras including fujifilm xt1, but I am not sure of what to choose since I found newer models for almost...
  2. nerwin

    Oh no...what have I gotten myself into 🤦‍♂️

    I'll be honest, I purchased this last August and then got covid and felt terrible for over a month and its been sitting my closet since. I probably should use it. I haven't even opened it yet. I don't know what I'm waiting for, I just haven't felt the courage yet to use the silly thing! I...
  3. C

    lumix lx100 hdmi to mac book

    I have a lumix lx100 I would like to know if using the hdmi port I could i live view it on a macbook
  4. M

    I’m very stuck and need help!

    I’m looking to make an upgrade in my camera equipment but am overwhelmed by the choice. I shoot surfing and wave landscapes. I need a camera with great battery life and very durable alongside being a good hybrid for video but mainly photos. Looking at the canon 1dxiii/ii, but really want a...
  5. L

    identifying camera model

    hello everyone i'm trying to find a brand/model of camera in the screenshot, does anyone recognize that? i will be grateful for any help thanks in advance
  6. T

    Is it possible to detect multiple cameras in one picture?

    Hey Guys 👋 I don't know whether this question belongs here or not. I am sorry if it doesn't but maybe you will still be able to answer my question. Without going too much into detail, someone recently claimed that a celebrity picture on Instagram was photoshop and that it was composed out of...
  7. P

    How do i get myself (subject) to not have "dead eyes"

    i guess this is more personal than skills, but no matter how i photograph myself with self timer or have someone else do it i always have dead eyes. its very unflattering and no amount of camera skills can fix that. i smile, i turn to side i do everything and nothing is fixing it. any idea?
  8. Jeff15

    Which beginner camera for start?

    There are lots of compact cameras on the market, take a look at the Panasonic range.
  9. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...
  10. M

    Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?

    I need to film indoor tutorials. The room has large windows letting in daylight. the teacher will be in an armchair speaking. 2 to 3 metres distance between camera and subject. It is mostly fixed at this distance. No zooming or anything. I have 3-point lighting, so the next step is to...
  11. Ryedog780

    Selling Ladybug5 Camera

    Hello good day new to the forums but wishing all a beautiful day I have for sale my Ladybug5 spherical camera if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Shipping would be out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. WORTH 16K i am asking 7K PM me for more details and YES that is the camera the photo...
  12. P

    Upgrading my EOS 1300D

    Hello, I decided to upgrade my EOS 1300D (my first DSLR) because it's focusing and a display limits me. I especially shoot portraits. I was browsing web and i found 3 models: 1. (NEW) EOS 250D features eye focus and Digic 8 processor, but feels kinda wierd (small) in my hands. 2. (NEW) EOS...
  13. S

    Leica - Showing Small Light Area In Corner Of Photos

    Imgur Imgur See pictures above: Can anyone help me diagnose what is going on with my camera. It is a Leica Mini Zoom.. It doesn't always show up in every photo but when it does its always in the same shape/location of photo. Thanks for any help regarding this matter.
  14. Abraham Paul


    Greeting everyone. First of all - I am glad I am here, since I have heard only good things about this forum, so I am hoping to find all the necessary help I need. I am a professional vlogger and now I am trying to check a new product for my next project. I found a camera and I want to get your...
  15. Jeff15

    Straight from the camera

    I do basic editing to most of my pictures but I do not believe in composites.....
  16. L

    New Praktica plc3 help pls

    Hi everyone, I just got my first camera from my friends for my birthday, I think they got it from some photographer and that it's used, it's praktica plc3 and I watched few tutorials on YouTube on how to use it, but I fail to understand how to change ISO/ASA on my camera. I inserted a film...
  17. S

    HELP: How to clean a Kodak 620

    Hello, I bought this beautiful camera (Kodak 620 Box-Camera) yesterday in order to complete my collection. But sadly I can't figure out how to clean it properly. To do so, I would need to open up the front, which I have no clue how. Thanks for every help in advance Strajuck
  18. P

    Samsung Galaxy S8+, Scenaries, Pics & Vids of Okinawa and Kouri Island

    Once again trying to max out the capabilities of my Samsung S8+ in Okinawa. This time on route to Kouri Island, with afew pit stops along the way: View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size Also...
  19. P

    Best canon lens for both video and stills?

    so, i am aware dslr aren't meant to do videos, but I have seen great films and even movie taken with a dslr. I want that cinematic look. what lens can give me the best video look as well as also being very versatile and can take great photos as well? Like for video/film i'll love to be able to...
  20. F

    Is there an S1h Killer (incoming)?

    Hello there, In the last few months I have been watching for a new camera in the price range of 1000-4000 dollars or euros to buy for shortfilm projects and maybe photography (this for me is a secondary aspect I do not need that much because I have another cheaper photography-only cam but which...