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Jun 15, 2009
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I have found a picture of one of my dogs in a list of "Most Ugly Animals." Should I shoot the bastard who made up that list? :lmao:

Now, I find most of the animals in that list pretty cute myself but I can see how some people would find them ugly. However, I don't get that about my dog. He is the 11th photo from the top.


By the way, I loved the second comment (about my dog :) ) and the last one about how come humans are not in the list :lol:
Well, tbh. The dog looks like a shag rug.

I'm sure it's really comfy to nap on though, or have an intimate evening with a lady of the night from the 1960's.
awww you have a komondor! I love them. Do you keep him corded? I have only met 2 in my lifetime...I've been grooming for 11 years and training dogs for 3. Rare, but beautiful dogs :)

thats not your actual dog is it?
No. Not my actual dog.

I kept mine corded although it is a lot of work.

You won't meet a lot ot them as they are fairly rare as you say and they are not (definitely not) for the average dog owner. In the wrong hands, they are/can be extremely dangerous.

And I don't have him anymore. It was some years ago.
The komondor in that photo appears to be jumping over a mop handle...which seems kind of appropriate, since he looks like a yarn mop-head...I thought the shot was kind of an inside joke on the photographer's part, having the pooch jump over a mop handle and all...kind of amusing.

I have heard that to clean up small spills, one can dip a komondor into a bucket of warm soapy water, and then rub the dog around on the soiled area, and mop up the spill using only the belly and one side of the dog. Is this true? I ask because I tend to fill my coffee cups up pretty full, and I tend to slosh coffee on the kitchen floor at each fill-up; a dog that could help clean up the messes would really be sweet!!
Ha. I loved that dog. I have never seen one before. I would love to own one. What's corded BTW?
Corded is what you do to the hair to make it look the way it does which just doesn't happen naturally.

Read my post #7 about owning one. This dog is not for just anyone. They are working dogs, not pets, and they need an owner who knows how to handle such dogs. Seriously.
I think I used that mop last night to clean the floor in the fire station beanery at work last night. Had a little more red in it since there was spaghetti sauce spilled.

Love komondors! Such great looking dogs if they are maintained well.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

So if the cording isn't natural... what do they look like WITHOUT it?!

::runs to Google::

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