on the darker side (i think)


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May 13, 2005
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self portrait


it kinda scares me :er:
thanks for looking
hehe.... I know what your saying, the colour in the eyes makes it a bit eeire...(you'd make a good vamp...have you seen my self port in here?... also callopie's done a good one)..... i like your idea here... welcome to the dark side mans.... hehehe :fangs:
Mansi, you're beautiful and could never scare anyone! You have the sweetest smile! Nice photo though! :D
mansi, i agree with calliope...you could never be scary....

sexy in an eerie way, yes......

i would make you even scarier....your too sweet looking...( but still gorgeous...!!)
Mansi...nice to see you in the dark side. Gotta agree with Calliope and April.
I think if you took on the idea from "Angel" eyes is his photo, it would really have a vampire feel to it. This picture really remindes me of somebody...I know...Mansi:D ...but an actress, and I can not place it.
Cool shot. Love the look.
you're the last person i'd imagine falling up in here, but i must admit you do have a bit of a sinister look going on ;)

nice to see you again!

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