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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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I posted this on the HDR section and I know many don't like/go to that section but I thought I'd post it here for people to see as well.

I'd give it a bit of a levels adjustment. On the whole it looks underexposed, and excluding irrevelant background elements there are only midtones in the subject.
Ehh it was just a bucket on the street. I like how it came out, I went for the look, cropped it how I saw fit. But thanks guys for looking :)
HDR done right. It doesnt look like a cartoon!
It looks nicely done to me. Granted I have zero HDR experience, though. The only critique I have that hasn't been mentioned is the white line along the top of the frame is distracting, to me. It may be my adult ADD, but it keeps drawing my eye up and away from the bucket. Maybe selectively bringing the expose down on the line? Just a thought. Great shot, otherwise! Makes me want to try HDR.
thanks crimbfighter, I will check into that, I also noticed a black line on the top which I have to edit out.

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