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Dec 5, 2007
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Heres my first pic that i posted and first post any comments welcome. This was taken with a sony cybershot
Okay, here is my thoughts.

1. Overexposed
2. Not properly color corrected.
3. Nothing really in focus.
4. I don't really understand the picture.

Sorry if the above sound harsh, not my intentions, just my honest observances of the shot.

Welcome to the forum! You will find a lot of great information here and you are on the right track. Post pics, get feedback and try again...we all do it.
Ok thanks for the post. No you do not sound harsh and if pepole think you did I dont care cause I know those litle comments will help me take better photos.
Can you tell me what overexposed is and how to fix it? When you say you dont understand the picture I was in my backyard taking pictures of things i found intresting.
over exposed - to much light in the picture. not that i dont understand it, i do, its an icicle. its just that is has nothing "special" about it. keep on shooting you'll only get better.
Well here are some of the others I took yesterday

the icicle on the right is phallic, just saying...

and it looks much better in black and white
thank i was messing around with my photoshop its amazing what you can do

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