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One of the first macro shots


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Apr 28, 2008
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Zürich, Switzerland
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I'm having fun with the Nikkor 105 macro, but it's difficult to use. Once close up the autofocus becomes hit and miss and I had to resort to manual focus (had expected this and it's not really a problem). Found out very quickly that I needed to set the self timer otherwise I got a bit of wobble blur.

Here's one of my first attempts:-


Any tips on macro photography would be happily received.
Well, you learned two of the biggest tips any one could ever give by experience in your first outing, that is manual focus and the delayed shutter release. Manual focus has to be amung the top most important elements. Sure AF can be done but, like you said, it's hit and miss. The delayed release also rather big as it allows the camera to settle after you have hit the shutter, Even a good tripod can wobble enough to soften a macro shot when you have your hand on the camera.

My only advice for you here is when macro shooting with something like this is (assuming this was shot outdoors) set up a wind break, something to keep the wind from moving the subject. Even the slightest hint of a breese can result is blur.
Very nice! I like this picture

Im so used to using manual focus, I think id probaly get bored with photography if I ever got autofocus....but you said its no big deal...so I cant say anymore. yearg.

I like taking lots of shots of the same thing is quite fun. Looking thorugh the photos gets boring, but its still fun finding the perfect shot out of [insert big number here] shots.
Nice shot...almost a 3D effect...

As you found out, frequently DOF is little more than a fraction of an inch; so auto-focus is practically worthless for macro work..

Tripods are handy too. Again because your DOF is so shallow, any movement and your main subject might be OOF, even though you have plenty of light.

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